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My name is TONY, admin of ChinaNOOBFactory.com

We have been within the replica watch industry since 2009, and we are proud and blessed to have established ourselves as one of first hand dealer (offical dealer) of NOOB factory/ VSF (VS Fatcory) / JF Factory/ AR Factory/ PPF (PP Factory)/ 3KF (3K Factory)/ BP Factory(BP Marker)/ ZF (Z factory)/ GF (G factory) ect. Normally we process 50-100 best quality replica watches each day for our retail buyers and resellers. Click here to see some proofs.

Since 2009, we have build a globle reseller network in USA(United STATES)/Canada/UK(United Kingdom)/Germany/Netherlands/Italy/and Hungary ect… If you feel more comfortable to deal with reseller local. Pls feel free to ask for local reseller contact info.

Our office base in Guangzhou CHINA. AS a professional and trusted website specialize in TOP quality replica swiss watches… We deal DIRECTLY with the best replica swiss watches manufacturing companies. We are proud to say that not many replica watch websites can boast of this fact.

PS: Many websites pretend to be NOOB factory themselve today and declare themselve NOOB factory’s offical website to push selling. BUT IN FACT. replica watches factories never build website or deal directly with buyers — that’s a well know fact in replica watch industry. Most of those website are 2nd hand dealers/ or 3-4 hand dealers – and that’s why their price much higher than our price. For the same item (same watch with same movt from same factory). We guarantee that our price is the lowest. Click here to see our price guarantee.

All watches will be checked carefully AND we send very HD QC photos to our buyers (so buyer can check if ok to ship).
Our quality checking include
1, appearance of watch. incl bezel align/dial markers align/cyclops align/datewheel align/dial printing ect 2, Funtional checking. incl if watch runs well. chrono. datewheel change well or not, crown adjusting ect
3, Timegraph checking
4, 24hrs running testing (will let watch runs 24hrs on desk) to make sure movt good and power reserve good enough (normally automatic watches power reserve are 24-36 hours)

# For quality checking, pls click here to see more info
# For QC Photos standard, pls click here to see sample

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by whatsapp or wechat or eamil.
# Our email is chinanoobfactory@outlook.com
# Our whatsapp: +85291450525
# Our wechat: noobwatch-tony
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